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Who We Are Our Motivation

Our motivation

Board of Directors

Patient Care Advisors

Architecture/Building Advisors


Adopt A Room was formed in September of 2004 by a group of professionals with expertise and vision in business, medicine, government, education, fundraising, architecture, construction, and more. The purpose was to create a win-win-win situation for hospitals, sponsors, and most importantly, sick children.


Though we can't control the illnesses, we can control the environment - specifically hospital room environments! The children and their families have enough uncontrollable pain and hardship to deal with as it relates to the diagnosis. The room however, is one of those things we can CONTROL and make better !

Katelyn Elizabeth Katelyn Elizabeth
Courage, spirit and a source of strength for all who knew her.

Madison Claire Millington Madison Claire
Remembered for her driving spirit.

We knew first hand what seriously ill children and their families experience in the hospital and we wanted to make a change. We saw the need for quality medical care in comfortable and safe spaces.

Our goal at Adopt A Room is to do more than add "window dressing" to hospital rooms. We create fantastic, family-friendly rooms that ease childrens' fears and support normal interaction with parents and friends. We help kids feel like kids deserve to feel - special.

VIDEO (2:08): David Millington and Brian Shepperle

explain the inspiration behind Adopt A Rooms.

Download and view Our Story & Purpose for more information.

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